With this 6th album from MIXCITY « TRANSEO », Jean-Patrick Cosset invites the audience to new artistic lands, a blend of the influences and people he met during this recording journey. Going back to the source of the groove, MIXCITY brings a new sound to the table with a modern vision, with compositions with varied rhythms and harmonies, highlighted by a radiant production from Greg Vaillant, and the retro-futuristic drawing of Benjamin Bouton.

This new recording from MIXCITY follows up to the journey started with the album ‘Nola’s Mood’ which was inspired by and payed homage to New-Orleans. We went there for a few shows and it was the beginning of my adventures with the USA …I have spent a lot of time there the past few years, in very different places like the big cities on the east and west coasts or the towns with a more laid-back feel such as Tucson or New-Orleans.

The new album TRANSEO is between the most electric albums of Erik Truffaz and Pest or the Herbaliser, in a Hip-hop to pop range, powerful on stage with a shiny and catchy repertoire.  This album features great singers such as  Grey Reverend from the english band Cinematic Orchestra or the Malian keyboard player /singer Cheik Tidiane Seck. Also the performer from New-york Mr. Reed, already on tour with the band in 2015 and 2016, the great voice of Brian Lopez Tuscon Arizona ( Xixa ) or Billy Sedlmayr, co-founder of Giant Sand. Raashan Ahmad and Baba Israel  bring their Hip hop flow from de Los Angeles and New-York.

Cities, deserts, cities in the desert or deserted, never-ending roads, great landscapes with changing colors but also extraordinary musicians with interesting cultures I could share some time and music with.

JP Cosset, composer and band leader (© Guillaume Julien) 



MIXCITY was born in 2000 and since then has never stopped growing, evolving, reinventing itself, at the whim of JP Cosset’s desires and travels, always taking in new artistic suggestions, open to multiples horizons – which sticks perfectly with the name of the band.

For 16 years MIXCITY has explored an original repertoire, strongly inspired and influenced by Afro-American culture. The band, lead by the composer Jean-Patrick Cosset, spent these years surrounded by more than 30 musicians and featured artists depending on the collaboration and the developed themes.

At first as a trio, the composer developed a hybrid project with movies and musical performances, a genuine psychedelic live show from 2002 to 2004. A special creation for the Scopitone festival supported by the Transmusicales in 2004, then Soleil Bleu, Jazz in grenoble. The first release was the album « On Track »

The trio became a quartet in 2005 with a DJ virtuoso, who introduced some electronic sounds and textures, completing the traditional instruments. The album « A Funny Style » was recorded and released, followed by a national tour.

In 2007 a collaboration with the producer Greg Vaillant allowed the band to produce a Live album recorded at La Nef in Angoulème.

One more step towards the artistic blend, the hiphop troop KLP asked MIXCITY to compose the music and perform with them for 2 shows « Cyclone live band » (2009) and « A Story about … being Free » (2010) for the festival d’Avignon. Album « A Story about … being Free »

2012 was the year of the ambitious album Nola’s Mood, a tribute to New-orleans, THE town in the USA that personifies a big part of african-american music. Then Nola’s Mood becomes a MIXCITY set as a small big-band with shining and roaring horns, in an 8 piece band. It’s also the start of a collaboration with a singer for the album and on tour.

In 2014, the band evolves again with the arrival of the singer and guitar player Arthur Pelloquet in whom jp Cosset finds his alter ego, as he shares the artistic direction by sharing the writing of lyrics. This evolution called «Less is more» on the last EP is a quartet ( Arthur Pelloquet guitar/vocals, Jean-Patrick Cosset keys, Sylvain Didou bass, Gilles Delagrange drums) with exploding colorful songs which predict the collaborations to come, all linked together by the beat.